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SymbolWeatherSymbolWeatherSymbolWeather Вятър - Symbol m/s km/h Възли
clear/sunnyrecent drizzleheavy drizzle 0 0 0
partly cloudydrizzle and rain; recent rain; slight rain shower(s);moderate rain; 2 7 3
mostly cloudyrecent snow; light snow; snow or crystalsmoderate rain; moderate rain shower(s); 3,5 12 7
visibility reduced by smoke,dust or sand;dust or sand whirl(s);mist;rain and snowheavy rain 5 18 12
duststorm or sandstorm; thick fog;freezing drizzle/rainviolent rain shower(s) 8 28 17
haze; shallow fog;recent snow shower;light snow;rain and snow 10 36 22
lightening(s)recent hail; sleet; hail;heavy snow; snow shower(s) 15 55 32
rain shower, not falling; cloudyblowing snow; moderate snow; snow shower(s);diamond dust,sleet 25 90 52
shower near the stationlight or dissipating fog;heavy rain and snow 30 110 62
squall(s); tornado; recent thunder;light or moderate drizzle;hailstorm 50 180 102
No data.
No hazardous events.
There is a potential danger.
Weather is dangerous.
Weather is very dangerous.

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