National Institut of Meteorology and Hydrology


The system is operational since April,2008 during the warm months (April-October)The Canadian Fire Weather Index, FWI, developed in the Canadian Forest Service Research Center is used.

Data used (input elements for FWI calculation):

  • precipitaion amount for the last 24 hours;
  • air temperature;
  • air relative humidity;
  • wind speed; snow cover presence;
  • day duration.

FWI has three sub-indices showing the "dryness" of different types of "fuel". Each of these sub-idices is a complex function of the meteo-elements. Knowing the sub-indices and wind velocity data, two other sub indices are calculated, which evaluate the initial fire kindling and the available "fuel" for the further unfolding of the fire. On their basis the FWI in calculated and it gives an overall assessment of the intensity of fire unfolding (in energy released per unit time per unit length along the fire front line).

Scale of fire danger. is determined.

Hazard Description
Fires likely to be self-extinguishing and new ignitions unlikely. Any existing fires limited to smoldering in deep, drier layers.
Creeping or gentle surface fires. Fires easily contained by ground crews with pumps and hand tools.
Moderate to vigorous surface fire with intermittent crown involvement. Challenging for ground crews to handle; heavy equipment (bulldozers, tanker trucks, aircraft) often required to contain fire.
Very High
High-intensity fire with partial to full crown involvement. Head fire conditions beyond the ability of ground crews; air attack with retardant required to effectively attack fire's head.
Fast-spreading, high-intensity crown fire. Very difficult to control. Suppression actions limited to flanks, with only indirect actions possible against the fire's head.
No calculations were performed for this region because of the snow cover.
No data.
No hazardous events.
There is a potential danger.
Weather is dangerous.
Weather is very dangerous.

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